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The actress who lives in the hearts of every one is Angelina Jolie. The name of this actress has become a synonym for the ethereal or delicate beauty, very hot sophistication and graceful sensuality. There are number of people who would consider the actress for her great talent, she is a lucky and beautiful wife of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and also she is a mother of very sweet and beautiful multicultural children.

But there would be number of people who would think that Angelina has stretch marks.

The stretch marks which followed Angelina after the birth of her very sweet daughter Shiloh and very recently at the birth of her twins were actually followed by short period postpartum melancholy or depression, which were also considered as the baby blues.

The reasons for her melancholy can be chemical and emotional reasons also. May be the attempts of removing the stretch marks could not help her when she badly needed them.

Number of men around the world think that or have opinion that woman fret or worry about such things, but when these men saw the latest air pictures of Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Christina Acquilera, Halle Berry or any celeb which was a new mom, they really found them looking little bit ugly with stretched marks.

Pictures of Angelina Jolie during pregnancy

Actually has been seen that motherhood proves to be a mixed bag for the ladies the primary reason for this is that lot of emphasis is laid on the feminine beauty and looks. Whereas when men’s are considered they grow up old and become distinguished or famous gentlemen, even if their hair get gray or their waist become wider. But on the other hand women are abandoned from the very first second they start getting wrinkles or any other sign of age.

To the extent that these women like Angelina Jolie adore their children, the fact is that the stretch marks which change the shape and size of the body actually hallmark the end of era or time when you used to turn your head and men keep following you in the elevator to get your autograph or phone number.

Even a simple woman can look as beautiful as Angelina Jolie, one may look at the skin tone she has and consider them as the road mark to see what she is and what she want to be, before she enters or steps into new phase of the life.


Angelina Jolie during pregnancy

Basically these phases usually come with the joy and fear in mind, which can be or which is a cause of depression.

What Angelina Jolie did to get rid of stretch marks after the birth of her children?

Luckily nowadays there are number of medical treatments available in the market which help women to get rid of stretch marks and get the body and shape which she had before her pregnancy. The problem of stretch marks is very serious when it comes to the celebs. And some to get their stretch marks altered if could not get them removed completely.

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